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How To Recover Winrar Or Rar Passwords

February 14, 2013

Winrar Password Cracker


Here are some key features of working Rar Password Recovery Tools

Powerful WinRAR Recovery Tool

The software offers a quick way to recover forgotten or unknown passwords. It will work with any encrypted WINRAR or RAR archives this are files with the *.rar extention. It doesn’t matter with which application they got created or weather winrar version got used. Password Recovery Tool in the latest version can unlock any password protected RAR or WINRAR archives, it even doesn’t matter what encryption algo and level of compression got used the app recovers all of them.

Recover Fast with GPU & Multi-core CPU

Since NVIDIA put their CUDA GPU on the market most of the Recover RAR tools can use the high speed of advanced SSE technology and very smart new search algorithms. Another great feature is the use of a Multi core CPU all the cores are involved in the solving task and will speed up the recovery process alot.

Multi-core CPUs, NVIDIA CUDA GPUs and ATI OpenCL GPUs.

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